ACP YPN – Migration policies must have youth dimension

The Valletta summit, which brought European and African countries together around the same table, ended with a political agreement and action plan that the next ACP-EU agreement has to take that into account.

Concrete action should be made to: focus on the creation of legal route; encourage the use of Humanitarian visa; grant visa based on family reunification; reassess the conditions and reasons to get working visa (to include climate change and poverty, which must also be considered as a rightful); encourage the recognition of ACP diplomas by EU countries: qualification recognition would encourage the use of safer route; initiate a real discussion on migration with the grassroots actors locally including NGOs and youth organizations in order to find lasting and viable solutions for all stakeholders in a healthier depoliticized environment;

A new form of win-win collaboration is possible and where the ACP countries, would stabilize politically and economically in order to be able to retain its youth. At the same time, Europe would find solutions to its problem of aging population.

Bearing in mind the current context of migration and asylum in the EU, there should be targeted action and enhanced use of existing tools to tackle the issues of protecting the rights of children and youth, especially those of girls, as outlined in Art. 26 (a) CPA. This also includes reintegrating into society children in post-conflict situations through rehabilitation, as outlined in Art. 26 (d) CPA.

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