ACP YPN meets EIB’s Board of Directors

Werner Hoyer, President, EIB message to ACP YPN:

“I want to work with young professionals like you”


On the 1st February 2016, ACP YPN had the pleasure of meeting with European Investment Bank (EIB) Board of Directors for the 5th annual Civil Society Stakeholders meeting.

Supporting Growth and Jobs in Europe was a key part of the discussion. The European Fund for Strategic Investment (EFSI)was outlined. A number of issues were discussed including: the selection criteria of projects, the level of risk and their value added.

International Migration and Development was the second key topic of the day. It was discussed within the framework of the European Year of Development 2015, the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals and the upcoming review of the External Lending Mandate of the EIB.


Yentyl Williams, Werner Hoyer, Mano Masham. (left to right)

ACP YPN was represented by Yentyl Williams, ACP YPN Founder and President and Mano Masham, ACP YPN Community Development Coordinator and Micro-Finance Expert. ACP YPN not only brings together young professionals and diaspora from Africa, Caribbean and Pacific, but aims to make sure ACP young professionals are part of the youth agenda and have a voice in several policy-making processes. ACP YPN’s mission is to impact European Union and international policy in order to engage more young professionals in the policy value chain while fostering international synergies.

From the very first thematic discussion, it was noted that youth are vulnerable and often out-cast in early stages of employment . ACP young professionals living in Europe are excluded if not marginalized and face various barriers in the process of searching for jobs. ACP YPN posed two key questions

Yentyl Williams, ACP YPN Founder:
Q. In light of the EIB’s restructuring process, what has happened to the ACP desk/unit?
Patrick Walsh, Director, Global Partnerships, EIB:
A. The ACP desk/unit has been brought into a broader unit covering global partnerships, where issues are dealt with thematically as opposed to regionally.

Mano Masham, ACP YPN Community development Coordinator, Micro-Finance Expert:
Q (i) How is the EIB empowering ACP young professionals living in Europe?
Q (ii) How shall the EIB capitalise on ACP young professional capacity to address the  thematic topics discussed?

Werner Hoyer, President, EIB:”I want to work with young professionals like you”


Within the context of sustainable growth and jobs in developing countries, it was disclosed that strategic investing in market information systems (mobile banking and internet) and micro finance are some of the key tools at reaching rural poor communities in these countries. Through the use of EIB’s investment plan, the EFSI and other EIB pillars can boost development.

Additionally, the EIB supports the implementation of Europe’s development policy objectives and it has engaged in the process of tackling the root causes of migration, through provision of sustainable growth and jobs in countries of origin.

ACP YPN value addition was observed and applauded by the Board of Directors and all participants during the seminar. Moreover, ACP YPN was the only youth group that participated and warmed-up the seminar.


Manongi Masham, ACP YPN Community Development Coordinator & Micro-Finance Expert

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Yentyl Williams, ACP YPN Founder and President

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