ACP YPN at ACP-OIF-FAO symposium on South-South & Triangular Cooperation

On 11th and 12th February 2016, ACP YPN participated in a hallmark initiative to create new partnerships for youth and women’s empowerment spearheaded by the ACP Secretariat, in partnership with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF), as well as  the Commonwealth Secretariat and the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP).

Patrick Gomes, Secretary General of the ACP highlighted that the ACP is excited “to   highlight the added value of South-South and Triangular Cooperation in enhancing inclusivity, diversity, innovation and genuine partnerships.”

Mano Masham, ACP YPN Micro-Finance Expert took the floor to ask about the age-inequality of participants, recalling that one of the symposium’s main focus was youth. Other participants, from embassies, private and public sector agreed that the presence of youth in such debate targeting youth is imperative and there should be greater youth inclusion.


Shabab Khalil, Commonwealth Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs – Asia President added that networks such as ACP YPN need assistance from their parent organisation, especially at the critical early stages to ensure the right structures are in place.


Katherine Ellis, Director of the Commonwealth Youth Division reiterated that policies and programmes must be complimented by a conducive enabling environment. Ellis underlined, “The youth development sector is a prime area for South-South Cooperation. Young People are dynamic, collaborative, and more globalized than ever before. We need to recognize them not just as beneficiaries, but as important drivers of development and agents of change,”


Yentyl Williams, Founder and President of ACP YPN also had the opportunity to meet the inspirational and aspirational Michaëlle Jean, Secretary General of the International Organisation of Francophonie. Jean highlighted the need to get out of straightjacket of inter-governmental relations and to integrate all know-how. Jean also underscored the importance of collective action, humanism, fraternity and solidarity in order to move from rhetoric to reality.


Yentyl explained that ACP YPN is a de facto actor in South-South and triangular cooperation, through its various activities with the EU, the African Union (AU) and The Commonwealth. Moreover, Yentyl underlined that youth are not just the leaders of tomorrow, but youth are the leaders of today. Check it out at 6min30sec here.

The full video is available above below and the press release is available here.

Check out the tweets too #SSC4YouthWomen.


Author: Yentyl Williams, ACP YPN Founder and President

Contact: | @yentyl_w

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