#Zerodiscrimination – Youth Age Discrimination

Prevention is better than a cure when it comes to youth age discrimination – that’s our key message for the #zerodiscrimination day.

Zero Discimination_2016


If age is only a number, how come certain stereotypes exist for certain numbers which comes with age?

Did you know that youth unemployment rate is at 23.1% (Commission 2015 report on youth discrimination) and that the perception of age discrimination for youth has increased by 3%, (according to the 2015 Eurobarometer)? Isn’t this a paradox if youth are key to building a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth within and outside the EU.

Even so the EU Employment Equality Directive 2000/78/EC [1] and Article 21 of the Charter of Fundamental rights prohibits discrimination based on age, young people are still being stereotyped in the workplace: either by not being given equal opportunity to access employment, or /and by not enjoying equal treatment once in the workplace. THIS NEEDS TO STOP.

Age discrimination towards youth needs to be addressed not only using judicial tools[2] but also through PREVENTION and the DEMYSTIFICATION of youth. 

At the ACP YPN, we strongly believe that inter-generational dialogue is a key to unlock youth potential and we have been actively involved in inter-generational dialogues outside the EU.

ACP YPN recommends integrating inter-generational dialogues in policy-making, as part of the EU lifelong learning concept. On this international day of zero discrimination, we urge the Members States and the EU to address this using all the means of prevention available to them.


Celine Fabrequette, ACP YPN Coordinator on EU relations

fabrequette@gmail.com | @FESIRA

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