ACP YPN at Cariform-EU Consultative Committee, EESC

On 18th and 19th April, ACP YPN took part in the Cariforum-EU Consultative Committee (CF-EU CC), as observer, at the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), Brussels. Yentyl Williams, Founder and President of ACP YPN represented the Network at the CF-EU CC.


The meeting was co-chaired by Brenda King MBE on the EU-side and Renwick Rose on the CF-side. The CF-EU CC meeting programme included (1) the CF-EU Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA), including (a) an update on implementation, (b) follow-up of the 5year review and (c) Monitoring and Evaluation; (2) Financing EPA implementation: the 11th European Development Fund (EDF); (3) Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals and their relevance to the EPA; and (4) the Post-Cotonou Framework and it’s impact on the EPA. The CF-EU CC was also invited to take part in a seminar at the European Parliament on ‘How to Implement the Monitoring of the Economic Partnership Agreements’.



ACP YPN  had the opportunity to meet the CF-EU CC participants, including other young professionals, Sade Deane, Caribbean Youth Environment Network (CYEN) (Barbados) and Alex Mitchell, Caribbean Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) (St.Lucia). Yentyl Williams took the floor on the subject of ‘Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals and their relevance to the EPA’ to underscore the importance of youth inclusion. Yentyl highlighted the fact that youth are only mentioned 5 times in the 169 SDG targets and underscored the importance of youth mainstreaming, as youth is not a stand-alone issue but cross-cutting and multi-sectoral.



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