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“Sustainable Development Goals and youth: Where will you be in 15 years time?” is the title of Yentyl Williams, Founder & President of ACP YPN’s recent article published in the Magazine of the European Youth Forum, Yo!Mag. The article highlights the importance of including youth in the process of implementing and ultimately achieving the very important Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda and makes three key recommendations. Read the full article here.

Yentyl explains that although ‘youth’ are only mentioned 5 times within the 169 targets of the 17 SDGs – in SDG4, SDG8 and SDG13 on education, employment and climate change respectively – ‘youth’ issues are not stand alone issues, rather they are ‘cross-cutting’ and multi-sectoral’. The three recommendations are:

  1. Pioneer youth-mainstreaming
  2. Align SDGs with regional agendas
  3. Create an enabling environment for youth and youth organisations

The article also reminds that the time for empowerment and transformative action really is now or never: it is a  fact that youth make up half of the world’s population today, and we are witnessing new forms of under-development, including unpaid internships, low quality jobs for over-skilled youth, lack of decent jobs, amongst others. Yentyl concludes by stating that the next 15 years will attest to the collective will to achieve the future that the SDGs promise and suggests, let’s co-create our future together!

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