ACP YPN at EDD – a first but not a last

For the first time the African Caribbean Pacific Young Professionals Network (ACP YPN) was represented at the European Development Days (EDDs). Our ACP YPN Ambassadors advocated for youth issues on platforms with our partners: the ONE Campaign, the United Nations Development programme (UNDP) and the EU Committee of the Regions. Thanks to great partnership and recognition of the importance of inclusive dialogues, ACP YPN had a voice speaking on the panels on nutrition with the ONE Campaign, and a stand, and on localising SDGs, with UNDP and Committee of the Regions. This was a unique opportunity for ACP YPN to interact with a wide range of experts, high-level policy officials, youth ambassadors and development policy stakeholders.


This was an important landmark moment for ACP YPN as ‘youth issues’ continue to rise high on the agenda for governments and international organisations, yet there is still so much more to be done. Yentyl Williams, Founder & President of ACP YPN explains, “It is a great achievement for ACP YPN to mark its debut at the European Development Days with two panels and a stand with international partnerships with the UNDP, Committee of the Regions and the ONE Campaign, to disucss non-negligeable issues from nutrition to localising the SDGs. This is exemplary of the sustained effort of the ACP YPN team to ensure that ACP YPN fulfils its mission to play an active role in policy-making processes and its goals to improve the quality of the integration of diverse youth perspectives. Going forward, it is essential that ACP YPN continue to be at the forefront of key policy debates, after all, we are the generation that will inherit the legacy of today’s policies, ranging from the EU-ACP partnership to the SDG framework. Beyond the two days of EDD, we must continue to work together in an inclusive manner if we are ever going to achieve all that these agendas promise.”

The ACP YPN team for EDD16 included:

  1. Yentyl Williams, Founder & President, ACP YPN
  2. Dr. Ewald Jeune Joseph, ACP YPN Expert – SDG 2 (Health & Well-being)
  3. Nawsheen Hosenally, ACP YPN, Expert – SDG 3 (Nutrition & sustainable agriculture)
  4. Dana Schumans, ACP YPN Digital Inclusion Expert
  5. Danayi Musamirapamwe, ACP YPN Ambassador
  6. Vanessa Kabuta, ACP YPN Ambassador
  7. Outi Teiskonlahti, ACP YPN Ambassador
  8. Emmanuel Mailafia, CP YPN Ambassador
  9. Kaleke Koawole, ACP YPN Ambassador

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