ACP YPN on SDGs with UNDP and EU CoR at EDD16

On 16th June, ACP YPN co-organised a session on ‘Localising the Sustainable Development Goals‘ with United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) ART Initiative and the Committee of the Regions (CoR). The session focused on how to tangibly implement the SDGs at the local level with the aim of developing an online toolkit to facilitate the process.Yentyl Williams, Founder & President of ACP YPN presented the work of ACP YPN and gave practical recommendations on localising SDGs vis-à-vis youth. Here is the presentation.

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Firstly, in response to ‘why is the localisation of SDGs important for youth?,’ Yentyl explained that currently under Art.26 of the EU-ACP Cotonou Partnership Agreement on youth issues there are provisionsfor realising the potential of youth so that they are better integrated into society to achieve their full   potential‘ and these must be used. Secondly, on ‘how can localising SDGs promote youth involvement in SDG implementation?‘, Yentyl said that youth must be engaged throughout the entire SDG process, as part of the collective endeavour. She recognised the fact that there is not one SDG dedicated to youth and youth are mentioned 5 times in the 169 targets, and recalled the UN SG Ban-Ki Moon quote that the SDGs as an ‘indivisible tapestry for collective action’ . Lastly, in response to ‘how can youth support the localisation of SDGs?‘, Yentyl explained that localising is logical and youth can and must support the implementation of SDGs.

Yentyl presented 3 recommendations: 1) Pioneer Youth mainstreaming; 2) Align SDGs with local and regional agendas; 3) Create an enabling environment for youth and youth organisations. The session concluded by agreeing that an inclusive implementation process is important, and youth must be at the centre of this. The online toolkit will be available shortly and shared via this platform.

The list of speakers include:

  1. Johannes Krassnitzer, ART Programme Specialist, UNDP
  2. Federico Buyolo, Director for Cooperation, Generalitat of Valencia
  3. Santiago Gallo, Representative Confederação Nacional de Municípios, Global Task Force of Local and Regional Governments (GTF)
  4. Christophe Rouillon, Mayor of the City of Coulaines, Committee of the Regions
  5. Yentyl Williams, Founder, ACP Young Professionals Network

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