ACP YPN at 6th Diaspora Development Dialogues

On 1-3rd December, Bora Kamwanya, ACP YPN Policy and Advocacy Officer represented ACP YPN at the 6th Diaspora Development Dialogues (DDD16). It was organised by ADEPT in partnership with the Institute for African Studies (Slovenia) & Humanitas Afrika (Czech Republic), in Piran, Slovenia. The theme of DDD16 was  ‘Migration and Integration: Actions for Inclusive Development’. Here is the full programme.

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This was a very important dialogue bearing in mind the recent UN Summit for Refugees and Migrants on 19 September 2016, where the New York Declaration was adopted. The Declaration agreed that campaigns will be developed to counter xenophobia and that links would be made with the UN Secretary General’s ‘Togetherness’ campaign. DDD6 explored the practical and effective ways of facilitating migrant and diaspora integration in host countries, for the socio-economic and development benefit of all.

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