ACP YPN-CTLD joint consultation on UK-US Trade

On 26th February, the Africa Caribbean & Pacific Young Professionals Network (ACP YPN) and Caribbean Trade Law & Development (CTLD) submitted their joint written evidence to the United Kingdom (UK) House of Commons’ International Trade Committee’s on-going UK-US Trade Relations Inquiry . The inquiry  is examining the potential for a trade agreement between a post-BREXIT UK and the United States (US). Noting the importance of having a youth voice in this process, our joint submission underlined the importance of the following key points:

                   Market Access for UK and Commonwealth Young                  Professionals must be a priority;

  •                     The Youth should have a formal role in the monitoring of the                             agreement’s implementation;
  •                     Regulatory convergence should not lower UK environment,                                 health and labour standards;
  •                     A sustainable development chapter should be included in the                             trade agreement;
  •                     An investor protection court system should be considered for                             Investor-State Disputes.
The joint submission has been published on the UK House of Commons’ ITC’s website and may be viewed here.  ACP YPN and CTLD are grateful for the opportunity to share the views of EU and ACP youth on this important matter.
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