ACP YPN at ACP Secretariat Joint workshop on women’s economic empowerment with CTA & UN Women

On the 27th of February, Celine Fabrequette, ACP YPN Programme Manager on EU Relations and SDG5 Expert, spoke on behalf of ACP YPN at the ACP Secretariat Joint Workshop on women’s economic empowerment with the Technical Centre for Agriculture and Rural Cooperation (CTA) & UN Women. She gave a brief presentation on how ACP YPN have been pushing toward more inclusion of youth and women though the various activities that it provides.  She also shared concrete solutions such as investing in diaspora and African innovation to empower youth and women through digitalization and entrepreneurship, and emphasized the need to continue the interactions between ACP Youth Diaspora and ACP Youth through various opportunities such as the joint parliamentary youth forum, the African Union intergenerational dialogue. Collaboration and exchange among ACP youth can provide great resources and valuable solutions for a sustainable development of ACP countries. Find her intervention here.

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Two sessions were organized: one on Sustainable Development Goal  and Gender Equality and women empowerment by 2030 ; and one on women’s access to land and productive resources.  Here are some of the commitments that the ACP secretariat made:

  •                                    Strengthening of the South-South Cooperation.
  •                                    Linking of access to finance with Capacity building.
  •                                    Development of specific incentives for the small                                                  sector of women’s entrepreneurship.
  •                                    Development of a monitoring instrument in an                                                   aggregate way.
  •                                    Enlarge the objectives not only to farmers and                                                    agriculture, but also to fisheries for all ACP                                                          countries to be involved.

The workshop itself lasted two days and a signed commitment for a joint action on women’s economic empowerment between the ACP secretariat and UN Women was made. The second day ended with the Celebration and Recognition of Inspiring Women who have, by their actions, worked toward reducing gender inequality and  empowering women in the economic and social sphere.

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