ACP YPN at South-South & Triangular Entrepreneurship Forum

On 21-23 June, Sinouhe Monteiro, ACP YPN Entrepreneurship Expert, SDG10 and Founder of Ewala – the mobile money transfer service – presented at FINPORTUGAL, the International Forum and Business Fair for Entrepreneurs from Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries.

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Sinouhe Monteiro is Founder of Ewala and Expert at the African Caribbean and Pacific Young Professionals Network (ACP YPN). In 2015, Sinouhe decided to launch Ewala, the prepaid mobile phone recharging service provider, which is now being used globally in 140 countries. Ewala’s mission is to enable better mobile connectivity and they achieve this by connecting 500 operators worldwide. Innovating the world of airtime transfers has led to Sinouhe featuring in Forbes AfriqueJeuneAfrique, CNBC Africa, MoneystoreAfropean, Trends Tendance. Additionally, he has also won first place at the Microsoft innovation center’s startup program in 2016.

Through his expertise as Founder of Ewala, Sinouhe contributes to the work of ACP YPN as Expert on Entrepreneurship and Innovation. The ACP YPN provides a platform for young people to play an active role in policy-making processes at national, regional and international levels in 107 EU and ACP countries. The Network aims to ensure that all young professionals can benefit from equality of opportunity by promoting and facilitating the integration of the perspectives of ACP and EU youth in several key policy dialogues. All of ACP YPN’s activities and advocacy contribute to ensuring ‘responsive, inclusive, participatory and representative decision-making at all levels’ (target 16.7) in order to provide solutions for youth and institutions in our societies (SDG 16).

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