ACP YPN at Friends of Europe Africa summit on ‘Building resilient, inclusive and sustainable communities’

On the 6th of June Caroline Kawira ACP YPN expert on Food & Security together with a rich panel drawn from the private sector, development organizations and regional bodies like the AU, spoke at the Friends of Europe Africa summit on ‘Building resilient, inclusive and sustainable communities’. Her contribution focused on youth in agriculture. She gave her views on ways to encourage uptake and from a practioner point of view, highlighted issues which in her view are pressing issues that needs to be tackled by the enabling bodies to improve youth participation in agriculture. Land, poor governance and underdevelopment in rural areas were seen as main barriers.

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She suggested:

  • To increase development in the rural areas
  • The need to develop a practical education system
  • Urge the need for land reform (or at least ways of enabling land access by the youth)
  • Advice on the stoppage of extractive private business
  • Asked for the increased of support to youths starting up by both the private sector and venture capitalists

She concluded by stating that this would support mindset change among the Youth. You can listen to her full intervention here

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