ACP YPN at Africa-EU CSO Summit

CSO SummitOn 11-13 July, ACP YPN took part in the Africa-EU Civil Society Forum #AfricaEUCSO held in Tunis, Tunisia. The ACP YPN delegates included Yentyl Williams, ACP YPN President and Founder, Bora Kamwanya, Parliamentary and Diaspora Relations Advisor, Aissatou Touré, Expert on Agriculture & Sustainable Development. Alongside the 80 CSO representatives there were two other representatives from Youth Organisaitons present: Karim Saafi, African Diaspora Youth Forum Europe (ADYFE) and Tina Hocevar, European Youth Forum.

Over two and a half days, the African and EU CSO representatives worked together to draw up a joint declaration, which is available here. The declaration shall be delivered to Heads of State and Government, and to African and European institutions ahead of the upcoming 5th Africa-EU Summit, in Abidjan (Ivory Coast) on 28 and 29 November 2017. They were split into thematic groups to work on five thematic clusters: (i) conflict prevention, peacebuilding and refugees; (ii) human development; (iii) sustainable future for our planet; (iv) decent work, universal social protection and (v) sustainable socio-economic development; and democratic governance and civic participation. Youth and gender were cross-cutting themes of the Forum.

On day 1, Yentyl Williams and Aissatou Touré were part of the ‘Sustainable Future for our planet’ workshop, where Yentyl was elected as co-rapporteur with Ana Kalin from the Forum for Equitable Development. Bora Kamwanya participated in the ‘Human development’ workshop, where he was also elected as rapporteur for the group. On day2, there were two main workshops in Forum. Bora Kamwanya took part in the workshop on ‘Democratic governance and civic participation’. Yentyl Williams and Aissatou Touré took part in the workshop on ‘Decent work, universal social protection and sustainable socio-economic development’. Yentyl gave specific input in relation to her recent publication on ‘Labour rights in the EU-Africa Economic Partnership Agreements‘. As rapporteurs for their groups, Yentyl and Bora presented the recommendations in the plenary session on day2.

The final declaration was drawn up and the ACP YPN delegation, alongside their youth counterparts, ensured the inclusion of several key points. These included reference to diaspora youth, and ruralisation (valorising rural livelihoods, especially vis-à-vis youth), as well as other recommendations already included in other ACP YPN advocacy (Nairobi Declaration, Future of EU-ACP relations consultation, forthcoming St. Julian’s Declaraiton and Action Plan amongst others).

Background information:

The First Africa-EU Intercontinental CSO Forum took place in Cairo, Egypt, in November 2010.

The Second Africa-EU Civil Society Forum took place in Brussels, Belgium, 23-25 October 2013, ahead of the Africa-EU Summit of April 2014.

See EU-Africa Partnership fact sheet here.

See EU-Africa partnership website here.

See euronews article and video here.

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