ACP YPN at the 2nd Africa Co-Operative Youth Conference

On the 21st of September, Bora Kamwanya ACP YPN Parliamentary Relations Officer attended and spoke at Alliance Africa 2nd Africa-Co-operative Youth Conference in Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo which brought together Youth from 17 African Nations. The conference was about the “Harnessing Innovation among Youth through Co-operatives”. Before a crowd of Youth who individually have positively affected their community and the Provincial Minister Representing the Congolese Authority, Bora opened his intervention by remind the participants and government representatives present thatLeadership does not respect age.

Taking the example of ACP YPN Joint Parliamentary Assembly Youth Conference, which brings together Youth from ACP and EU countries and create an inter-generational dialogue with ACP & EU Members of National and European Parliament. He called on the youth to be involved as much as possible in policy making to make their voices heard by policymakers on one hand and on the other hand to learn, support and teach other Youth about the legislative process at local, regional, national and international level.

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Bora explained that over the past three editions of the ACP YPN Joint Parliamentary Assembly Youth Conference a Declaration and an Action plan were drafted by ACP, EU & Diaspora Youth and submitted to Members of National Parliament of ACP countries and the Members of European Parliament. The next step is the implementation process, and here again Youth carried a great responsibility in the “Right” implementation and need to find and developed social and economic sustainable solutions. He explained that youth will have to assess Agenda 2030 and Agenda 2063 and that they need to be taking actions now; Bora invited interested youth to participate to the next ACP YPN Steering Committee en vue of the next ACP YPN JPA Youth Conference organised in collaboration with the ACP Secretariat and the European Parliament.

To conclude; Bora addressed Official present and inquired who’s future are they planning if they do not include the youth; before quoting Nelson Mandela “What is done for us without us, is done against us”. Nothing good will be done for us. If we want both our worlds to meet, we the youth need to make the first step and never stop going forward to get what we want and deserve.

By Bora Kamwanya

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