ACP YPN advise Youth Inter-Group on EU Multi-Financial Framework

On 10th January 2018, Yentyl Williams, ACP YPN President and Founder, presented on ‘Areas for youth investment in the MFF post-2020 – Development‘ at the European Parliament’s Youth Inter-group hearing organised in collaboration with the European Youth Forum. Yentyl presented three main recommendations and supported these with examples based on ACP YPN’s experience.

1. Invest in youth-owned initiatives – example: Allocating budget for the Youth Forum at ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly. ACP YPN created the Youth Forum with the EU and ACP Co-Secretariats, and and ACP YPN draws up the Youth declaration which is then distributed to EP and wider institutional, public and private sector stakeholders. This activity needs to be financed to ensure the sustainability of the Youth Forum since no direct financing is allocated to the Youth Forum, despite 4 sessions being held in Windhoek (Namibia), Nairobi (Kenya), St. Julian’s (Malta) and Port-au-Prince (Haiti).

2. Invest in mainstreaming youth expertise – example: Guaranteeing dedicated funding for youth-led CSOs. Guarantee membership for youth-led CSOs in structured dialogue with the EU institutions; as done by the EESC and DG Trade through including ACP YPN, and financing their participation, as members of the technical consultative committee monitoring trade between EU and ACP regions. This is already done on an ad hoc basis, for example through inviting youth CSO participation in the Africa-EU CSO Forum 2017, however youth-CSOs need to be guaranteed a permanent space to contribute to policy discussions.

3. Invest in youth exchanges – example: Finance ‘youth cooperation’ in the EU-ACP partnership by establishing College of Europe ACP scholarship. Foster exchange and partnership by establishing a specific scholarship which allows A-C-P students to benefit from a Masters’ programme at the College of Europe – similar to the scholarships that already exist for ‘European Neighbourhood Policy’ (ENP). This will encourage enhanced understanding and exchange between future leaders in the global South and North, while also tangibly investing in the legally binding partnership on ‘youth cooperation’ (Art. 26, EU-ACP Cotonou Partnership Agreement).

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