ACP YPN on CFTA at USIU, Kenya

On 5th April 2018, Yentyl Williams was invited to speak at the United States’ International University (USIU) – Kenya, Student’s conference on the Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA) and its implication for African economies. The event, entitled, New Africa, the Kigali Declaration and Free Trade Area (FTA),  the Future of Africa was organised by the Hoja Youth Summit under the patronage of Dr. Fatuma Ahmed Ali, Director of Programs, International Relations, USIU.

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Yentyl shared the ground-breaking work of ACP YPN on getting young professionals a formal place at the Consultative Committee to monitor the EU’s new generation of Free Trade Agreements, in particular with the Caribbean. She used this as an example to underline that young people can monitor the implementation of trade agreements, and more over, their role can be formalised in this process.

Yentyl also underlined the importance of strong intra and inter-regional trade to overcome the dialectic of underdevelopment and development between the global South and the global North respectively, which Walter Rodney had underlined in his thesis, ‘How Europe under-developed Africa’.

In general, the students were interested and optimistic about the role of trade and the impact on their lives, locally, nationally and regionally.

Access Yentyl Williams’ trade publications here & the video intervention here. See more via #ACPYouthTalk

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