ACP YPN lead on Trade at EYE2018, European Parliament

On the 2nd of June, the second day of the European Youth Event (EYE), ACP YPN lead its workshop on “Trade Agreements: Is your Deal my Deal?” at the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

The objective of ACP YPN was to strengthen the capacity of EU and ACP youth to contribute to the ACP-EU partnership. In particular, the ACP YPN Delegation to EYE2018 had two specific aims: to (i) engage with EU and ACP youth on the topic of trade and post-Cotonou relations; and to (ii) share opportunities for youth to boost their skills and ability to contribute to policy-making, while strengthening ACP YPN’s international database of youth experts. See the background note here.

The format of the workshop was the world cafe model, whereby participants discussed the thematic issues in 6 groups of 5 people facilitated by Experts in the ACP YPN team. Participants had an hour and a half to draw up 3 recommendations on 6 themes based on the thematic areas of European Commission’s recommendation to the Council on ACP-EU trade and  Post Cotonou relations:

  • Title I: Human rights, fundamental freedoms, democracy , rule of law and good governance
  • Title II: Inclusive sustainable economic development
  • Title III: Environment and climate change
  • Title IV: Peace, security and justice
  • Title V: Migration and mobility
  • Title VI: Human development and dignity

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Finally, this Document of Recommendations outlines the main points discussed by the youth participants during the workshop. #EYE2018 #ACPYouthTalk

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