ACP YPN Expert at Montego Bay Meetings with Mayor and Councillor

On Friday 28th September 2018, Asia La Chapelle Williams (SDG 11&13 Expert) held a meeting with the Mayor of Montego Bay, Homer Davis and Councillor Richard Vernon to discuss the redevelopment of the market district in the city centre. The meeting was focused on how to create a safe and socially inclusive community space that integrates green infrastructure with community artwork and provides well designed spaces for small traders to sell local produce.

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Some of the main recommendations include:

  1. Encouraging secure by design principles as part of the creation of a new urban space;
  2.  Effective community engagement during two periods of market activity; during a busy operating period such as a festival, weekends or Christmas and compare this to normal market activity to measure potential uplift from improvements to the area and gauge what the community want from the project;
  3. Ensure sustainability is a fundamental element of the market redesign including socially inclusive ‘one community for all’ redesign, economically inclusive by facilitating a range of providers to operate in the area and sell local produce from Montego Bay, St. Elizabeth, St. James, Hanover and surrounding regions and environmentally sustainable by reducing flood risk, improving green infrastructure and open space and improving waste management.

In conclusion, to deliver a successful project from the initial concept and options analysis through to detailed design and construction, the main themes identified were sustainability and community engagement. These strategies will further be defined and the community will be brought on board through consultation to support the creation of an economically thriving market district that provides a place to be proud of.

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