ACP YPN on ‘Youth in Institutions’ for Black History Month EU


On 16th October, in celebration of Black History Month EU, ACP Young Professionals held their second event of the month at IHE Brussels on ‘Youth In Institutions’. The event featured a 4-person panel and discussion on the current state of ACP youth in European institutions, how these young professionals found their way into their institutions, and how to improve the conditions. The panel featured, Nicole Kalitsi, an university student from the U.S. who is currently interning at the European Network of Cultural Centres (ENCC). Nicole has previously interned with other Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance (GPCA) and with an U.S. Congressman. Nicole’s long term goal is to work for the US State Department. The second panelist, Sarah Gane, is a recent college graduate who now is President of Quartiers du Monde after previously interning with ENAR. Celine Fabrequette from ADYFE was the next panelist, she has a wealth of experience, including working as ACP Young Professionals’ Secretary General! Our final panelist, Diana Cocoru has been a consultant for multiple European Institutions and has numerous degrees specializing in everything from business to diplomacy!


After their introductions, moderator and intern for ACP YPN, Tais Idi-Infante asked the panel three thought-provoking questions that began a great debate and also involved the engaged audience. The three questions were:

  1. What challenges do you think ACP youth face at your job? Have you faced any of these challenges? How have you worked to overcome them? Do any persist?;
  2. Where do you see yourself in 10 years and how will your current employment at an institution help you get there?;
  3. What opportunities have you been privy to because of your position at an institution? Do you see any opportunities for other ACP youth? If not, how do you believe your institution could create these opportunities?

The debate that developed from these questions highlighted how education can have an impact on the future job opportunities for youth. This point raised a counter-debate on how education differs in the United States from Europe. One of the agreed upon points from our panelists is that when an opportunity is not there for ACP Youth, it’s important to make one. Often as youth and people of color, our voices are silenced and our opinions devalued so it’s important to find or create, and then maintain a space that you will be heard and respected. Celine spoke of this the most and how she worked on this issue with ACP YPN. Nicole spoke on her previous internship where she formed a new position that centered on diversity and inclusion; and Diana and Sarah spoke on how they began their own NGO’s to create a platform for their voices.


In conclusion, the event was not one to miss! Discussions like this expand not only the minds of the audience but also of our panelists whom continue learning and growing. The event affirmed the goals of ACP Young Professionals Network and of Black History Month EU! As youth and as people of color we deserve to have our voices heard, respected and celebrated!

Black History Month EU continues this weekend with an Afro-beat class at Fred Academy! Also check out our next event on Digital Inclusion and Entrepreneurship next Thursday at IHE Brussels. See the rest of the month’s events on the calendar below!

BHMEU schedule

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