ACP YPN & ADYFE join forces at EU consultation on 2nd Joint Valletta Action Plan

On 25 October 2018, Aliyyah Ahad, ACP YPN Migration Expert together with Celine Fabrequette, African Youth Forum in Europe (ADYFE) Head Project Manager, participated in a civil society organisation, youth and diaspora consultation on the 2nd Joint Valletta Action Plan, ahead of the next Senior Officials Meeting  in Addis Ababa. The European External Action Service (EEAS) hosted the event, with representatives from the African Union (AU), including representatives from the Khartoum Process, and Embassy of Ethiopia, among others.


ACP YPN and ADYFE presented joint recommendations for consideration, including:

  1. Continue to develop better qualifications recognition for third country nationals in the EU, including assessments of credentials and skills
  2. Develop more legal channels of migration, particularly for students, entrepreneurs and young workers through the Erasmus+
  3. Mainstream diaspora youth-led organisations into decision making
  4. Support inter-regional migration schemes within Africa, including the African Union’s Agenda 2063
  5. Ensure that EU funding is used ethically and that criteria for the awarding of contracts includes hiring local workers at all levels—this would highlight expertise and added value already within Africa.
  6. Create strategic communications campaigns that can shift the dialogue on migration away from a binary view of good or bad.
  7. Address non-economic root causes of irregular migration and forced displacement by supporting peacekeeping, and tackling the sale of illegal armaments.
  8. While working towards the reduction of remittance costs, develop a secure system where diaspora can directly inject funds into development projects, such as diaspora bonds.

ACP YPN and ADYFE applaud the EEAS for acknowledging the important role that diaspora youth should play in the 2nd Joint Valletta Action Plan, and endeavour to continue to contribute further to the successful completion of this process.

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