Aminetou Bilal at the Youth Connekt Africa 2018

On 8 October 2018, Aminetou Bilal; President of Selfie Mbalite NGO, environmental and climate advocate from Mauritania, and member of the African Union Youth Advisory Council, attended the Youth Connekt Africa in Kigali, Rwanda with more than 1500 delegates from the continent.

The opening ceremony was marked by a musical performance of young artists, accompanied by 90 young people from the 9th cohort of the Volunteer Corps of the African Union, raising their flags. Aminetou is also among the AU volunteers.

Aminatou Bilal

The summit is marked by the hashtag #Africastartswithme which says a lot about the importance of empowering young people.

Inspiring keynotes by stakeholders at the summit on irregular migration, Sexual Reproductive Health, SDG’s, entrepreneurship, gender, challenges and opportunities for girls pursuing STEM (Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), AFCFTA; how it can generate growth and create multiple business opportunities for youth.

 Some of the main keynotes include:

  1. The UNDP Africa Regional Director Ms. Ahuna Eziakonwa: “Our African deserves the right to live their dreams in Africa instead of dying in the desert or the ocean”
  2. Transforming Africa through the prevention of teen pregnancy by UNFPA Rwanda
  3. Kill the inner voice and mindsets, leverage, adopt the gig economy, give males a seat in gender discussions, avoid confrontational speeches that we use towards different genders,
  4. “be Bold, aspire to be the number one, go and get it” by Ms. Diane Ofwona, the regional Director, UN Women office for West and Central Africa.

I call on all young Africans to participate in future editions of Youth Connekt Africa to build their capacity, inspire others, and return home even more motivated to have the Africa we want.

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