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On 19th November 2018, ACP YPN expert Rhody-Ann THORPE presented her paper on “Educational Developments in the English-Speaking Caribbean in a post colonial context” at the Université du Littoral Cote d’Opale in France, during the university’s annual research conference. The conference was entitled “Education and learning in English-Speaking and French-Speaking Countries: heritage, context and representations and also welcomed scholars from France, the UK, French Guyana; Rhody-Ann was the only Caribbean representative on the panel.

Rhody-Ann’s paper looked at how the Caribbean region constitutes a multidimensional space which is characterized by cultural, political and socio-economical diversity; as well as a shared colonial heritage. In particular, it expounded on how policy in the domain of Education was first pursued during the colonial era and the impact that it had on access, curriculum and teacher training. It also examined how these countries, which are mainly classed as developing countries, have adapted to the post colonial context which is also characterised by regionalism and how this has in turn impacted on education systems on all levels.

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This paper comes at a crucial time when discourses related to reparations by foreign universities are multiplying; including the University of Glasgow which has started investigations with regards to its potential role in slavery. Furthermore, the colonial heritage in the Caribbean space is still quite topical as several days prior to the presentation, the countries of Antigua&Barbuda and Grenada organised a referendum to replace the British judicial Committee of the Privy Council with the Caribbean Court of Justice. As Education occupies a preponderant place in public and budget policies led by Caribbean states, looking at educational developments with a post colonial lens is therefore quite relevant. In fact, the focus of Rhody-Ann’s PhD study is on the British influence on higher education policy in the English-Speaking Caribbean and in Ireland.

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