ACP YPN Expert Kelly-Ann Fonderson at Black Girl Convention

On 25 November 2018, Kelly-Ann Fonderson, ACP YPN Policy Expert and Youth
Ambassador, presented her keynote speech at the second annual Black Girl Convention in Bristol, UK. Black Girl Convention is the largest event in the South West of the UK dedicated to women and girls of African and Caribbean heritage. The event includes inspirational talks, workshops, live demos on topics ranging from arts, science, tech, activism, health, business and more.

Kelly-Ann at Black girls convention
Kelly-Ann Fonderson speaking at Black Girl Convention 2018. Photo credits: Black Girl Convention

In her speech, Kelly-Ann shared three key lessons which helped her while working abroad and navigating high level EU policy spaces as a young woman of colour. Her three overarching lessons were centred around confidence, self-care and inspiring communities.

1. Confidence:

Showing up as your full self

What you bring to the table is valuable

Believe in yourself and your voice

2. Self-Care:

Navigating stereotypes and labels

Practice self-compassion

Reframe your mindset

3. Inspiring Communities:

Connect with like-minded people who share the same vision and passion

Build a strong support system

Stretch beyond your comfort zone

Kelly-Ann highlighted issues of representation and encouraged young people to engage in politics and decision making spaces. In sharing her personal journey, she implored young people to think of themselves beyond preconceptions and stereotypes that may pose as barriers towards them fulfilling their full potential. Her speech resonated with both young and older women in the audience leading to a discussion on building resilience amongst young people and women.


By Kelly-Ann Fonderson – Get in touch via Linkedin

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