ACP YPN on SDGs in EU external policies at EESC

On 1st June, ACP YPN were invited to share their opinions on implementing SDGs in EU external policies at the European Economic and Social Committee hearing: “The 2030 Agenda – an EU committed to sustainable development globally”. Yentyl Williams, ACP YPN, Founder and President explained the mission and goals of ACP YPN, and the Article 26 of the legally binding ACP-EU Cotonou Partnership Agreement on ‘youth issues’. Here is the programme. Here is the presentation.


Yentyl explained where youth are in the SDGs: There is not one SDG dedicated to youth. However, ‘youth’ are mentioned five times amongst the 169 SDG targets, in SDG4, SDG8 and SDG13 on education, employment and climate change respectively. Recognising that the inclusion of young people in the SDG Agenda as non-negligible – as youth are the next generation to inherit the legacy of the SDGs and the future generation to write the post-SDG Agenda –  Yentyl made three recommendations and explained how ACP YPN is the youth organisation to accompany SDG stakeholders in implementation to:

1.Pioneer Youth-mainstreaming

2.Align SDGs with Regional Agendas

3.Create an enabling environment for youth & youth organisations

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