ACP YPN at EDD with ONE – #youth & #nutrition

On 15 June, ACP YPN co-organised a session and a stand for European Development Days with ONE Campaign – the internationally renowned development organisation founded by rock star Bono – entitled, ‘Recipes for ending hunger‘ on nutrition and the role of youth.

ACP YPN SDG2 (Health & Well-being) and SDG3 (Sustainable agriculture) Experts, Dr. Ewald Jeune Joseph and Nawsheen Hosenally respectively, gave an insight into the primacy of nutrition drawing on their experiences. ACP YPN SDG2 Expert Dr Joseph shared his experience setting up a mobile clinic in his home country of Haiti and gave an insight into his current studies and future ambitions. Nawsheen Hosenally, co-founder of Agribusiness TV shared her experience of setting up her own documentary series, which shows the innovative agribusiness start-ups of young people in five countries in Africa.

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This interactive youth-led session bringing together ONE Youth Ambassadors with young activists and advocates from around the world explained how better nutrition saves lives and brainstormed solutions to improve nutrition. Each of the young activists showed that even small actions can make a difference and if we combine our efforts, we can actively change the current discourse on nutrition to ensure every child can achieve their full potential.

Here is a full list of speakers:

  1. Tania Marocchi, Youth Ambassador, The ONE Campaign
  2. Leoni Ayoub, Youth Ambassador, The ONE Campaign
  3. Sophie Healy-Thow, Youth Ambassador, The ONE Campaign
  4. Pilirani Khoza, Young Leader – Water-Energy-Food Nexus, Malawi
  5. Dr. Ewald Jeune Joseph, ACP YPN Expert – SDG 2 (Health & Well-being)
  6. Nawsheen Hosenally, ACP YPN, Expert – SDG 3 (Nutrition & sustainable agriculture)

Interested to become a ONE’s Youth Ambassador, fin out more here.

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