ACP YPN Response to EU Consultation on Youth Policy


On 30th September, ACP YPN responded to the EU consultation on the ‘Evaluation of Youth Policy Cooperation in the EU. The consultation focused on the subjects of (i) the EU Youth Strategy (2010-2018) and (ii) the EU Council Recommendation on the mobility of young volunteers in the EU.rights4

On the topic of EU youth policy cooperation, we stated that it is important to: 1) Redefine the scope of ‘Youth’ in order to effectively tackle the different challenges that impact youth i.e. the needs and struggles of a 16 years old are different to a 25 years old. 2) Involve youth organisations in consultations on trade agreements, since the primary objective of EU international trade agreements is to create and bring new opportunities and investments. This has a direct effect on Youth employment and inclusion. 3) Adopt a proactive approach to include diverse youth perspectives by integrating Europeans of diverse origins and the diaspora in consultation, structural dialogue and EU policy-making processes.

In relation to the Council recommendation, we made our own recommendation that it is important to broaden the scope of the EU cross-border volunteering service to include volunteering with third countries, in line with the Erasmus+ and Erasmus Mundus expansions. This would support and strengthen the EU youth policy strategy regarding the engagement with global challenges and building youth capacity and awareness.

The full consultation response can be found here: ACP YPN Contribution to EC Public Consultation on the Evaluation of the Youth policy cooperation in the EU

rights2The consultation was submitted by Ms. Celine Fabrequette, ACP YPN Project & Coordinator Manager on EU relation.  Have questions or remarks, can contact Celine: or twitter

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