ACP YPN wins British Youth Council Most Inspiring Project 2016 Award

On the 3rd December, ACP YPN was announced as the winner of the British Youth Council’s (BYC) most inspiring project 2016 award. The BYC’s Youth on Board (YOB) Awards are an exclusively youth-led award scheme that recognises innovative and exciting youth participation, both from young people and the projects and organisations that support them.

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ACP YPN won the category most ‘Inspiring Project Award’, which recognizes the efforts made by ACP YPN projects to engage young people and give them a voice through the numerous outreach activities. In order to promote the integration of diverse perspectives and to facilitate the integration of EU-ACP youth in several key dialogues, ACP YPN pioneered the debate & promotion of the role of youth in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), notably via roundtables with the European Economic and Social Committee, the ACP Secretariat, at the European Development Days with the UN Arts Initiative and the EU Committee of the Regions and Belgian universities. Additionally, ACP YPN initiated the Youth Forum at the EU-ACP Joint Parliamentary Assembly, which has since been institutionalised as an official Forum of the Assembly. The first two Youth Forums were effective youth-led debates by ACP YPN, in partnership with the Commonwealth Youth Council, the European Youth Forum and the National Youth Councils of the host countries, Nambia and Kenya respectively (June and December 2016). In 2016, ACP YPN attended the African Union Inter-Generational Dialogue an important initiative that bring together African youth and diaspora. This year (2017), ACP YPN was invited to the 9th African Union Gender Pre-Summit and asked to give our perspective and present recommendations on “Tapping into the diaspora to invest in Africa’s Young Innovation”. This has enabled ACP YPN to build bridges between youth in Europe and Africa.

And finally, ACP YPN empowers young professionals based in Brussels in two ways. On the one hand, ACP YPN promotes inter-generational dialogues in Brussels by organising exchanges with ACP Ambassadors as part of the ACP YPN Ambassador’s Roundtable sessions. On the other, ACP YPN organises free trainings (CV writing, getting a Bluebook traineeship) for its members to build their capacity to enter the job market. This is communicated via the ACP YPN platform, where we also share jobs.

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