ACP YPN meets Ambassador of Haïti H.E Mr. André Daniel Supplice

On the 21st of February Yentyl Williams, ACP YPN founder & President, chaired the exchange between ACP YPN members and His excellency André Daniel Supplice, Ambassador of Haiti. Ambassador André Daniel Supplice, Ambassador of Haiti to the European Union, the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) group of states, the Duchy of Luxembourg and the Kingdom of Belgium. Ambassador Supplice speaks fluently Créole, French, Spanish, English and Italian. Expert in Immigration and Emigration he published in 1980 ‘[…] de l’émigration clandestine 1970-1980.’ He began his diplomatic career as Consul General in Tokyo and then became First Secretary of the Haitian Embassy in Rome and Mexico City. In 1979 he was appointed Under-Secretary of State for the Interior and National Defense, and Social Affairs, and four years later he was appointed Secretary of State for Social Affairs, Immigration and Emigration and Social Security and Housing. His political career was delinquent of his academic career – Professor of Sociology and History of civilizations – and of a career of chronicler to the newspaper “Le Nouvelliste“.

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This exchange was a great opportunity to learn that Haïti has been independent since 1804, following a revolt against slavery, for that when visiting Haiti, you could describe it has a melting-pot, because there the question of history extends beyond the question of colour. We got to hear about Young Haitians, and although their socio-economic relations and configurations are different, like the Young Diaspora, they aspire to live a better life.

One of the major problems faced by youth in Haïti is access to education. To solve the problem Ambassador Supplice emphasized the importance of working together and to always have a long-term solution in mind. He recognized that the Diaspora is an instrument that should be engaged more. The qualifications obtained by the Diaspora abroad constitute a pool of untapped potential. The partnership between Diaspora researchers and the Haiti universities could be a first step to bridge the gap; this should be entered into the Haïti national education plan. Knowledge exchange between youth nationals and diaspora can be detrimental in reaching the Sustainable Development Goal 1 (Ending poverty), and 4 (Education) and adding the workforce of the diaspora would support the economic and social development of ACP countries.

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