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On 24th – 27th September 2017, Aïssatou Touré, ACP YPN Agriculture and Sustainable Development Expert took part in “Youth for Sustainable Europe”- a special initiative for youth in development – organised by the Young European Federalists (JEF Europe) as part of the LADDER project (Local Authorities as Drivers for Development Education and Raising Awareness).

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Aïssatou discussed four important issues: (1) the absence of reference to the Cotonou Partnership Agreement in the New European Consensus on Development; (2) the relevance of glocalizing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); (3) the importance to develop ACP- EU traineeship for the youth on sustainable agriculture; (4) the necessity to build bridges for the youth in Belgium.

  • First, Aïssatou explained the place of the SDGs in the European Union (EU) development’s policy as written in its strategic document for the SDGs, the New European Consensus on Development. Aïssatou then emphasized the fact that the Cotonou partnership agreements between African Caribbean and Pacific states (ACP) and the EU isn’t mentioned not once in the New European Consensus on Development, stating the evident lack of a coherent and pragmatic and inclusive strategy.
  • Second, Aïssatou suggested to glocalize the SDGs on a local level in order to implement it more easily and to be able to include the youth throughout the implementing process.
  • Third, Aïssatou proposed during a workshop on digital democracy with the Youth Metre tool the possibility to implement a training on eco-farming for the youth of ACP and EU countries to share good practices and expertise on the subject.
  • Fourth, Aïssatou in collaboration with a JEF member offered, during a workshop on youth participation, to develop a project “Breaking the Bubbles” that exist between European expats and Belgian with migrant background by creating bridges throughout a variety of activities.

In conclusion, throughout the different panel discussions, workshops and debates several tangible concrete solutions were discussed, good practices and expertise were shared, all with the aim of enhancing youth participation for a more sustainable world.

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