ACP YPN Recommendations on the new EU Youth Strategy

On 1st October, ACP YPN launched their ACP YPN Communication on The New EU Youth Strategy: 9 Recommendations for an Inclusive Youth Strategy”. This paper builds on several years of advocacy on EU-ACP youth affairs, ACP YPN’s participation in the EU conference on the Future of the EU Youth Strategy (May 2017); the ACP YPN response to the EU’s consultation on the new Youth Policy (September 2017); the ACP YPN participation in the European Economic & Social Committee’s (EESC) hearing on the new EU Youth Strategy . The Communication is also symbolically launched on the 1st October, the first day of the launch of Black History Month EU – bringing a month on black history awareness to the EU. Access the 4-page communication here.


The Communications explains that, “Investing in ACP Youth & youth of ACP heritage in the EU’s new Youth Strategy is crucial to build a sustainable future. ACP YPN fully supports the commitments outlined in the new EU Youth Strategy to empower all young people, including youth of ACP heritage living in the EU. Based on our extensive experience providing a platform for young people to play an active role in policy-making – in line with Article 26 of the ACP-EU Cotonou Partnership Agreement – we have drawn up this Communication to present 9 key recommendations to EU-ACP policy-makers under the three main headings of the new EU Youth Strategy: Engage, Connect, Empower.”

Some of the recommendations include:

  1. Further investment in and cooperate with organisations directly involved with youth of ACP heritage [Engage];
  2. Promote programmes for circular migration, youth mobility programmes between the EU and ACP countries by enhancing partnerships between academic institutions. [Connect];
  3. Provide and broaden alternatives to traditional education for accessing the labour market and job creation, through traineeships, apprenticeship, vocational training and incentives for youth-led start-ups and entrepreneurs. [Empower]

Read our full list of recommendations in the four page report. The contents of the documents include 9 recommendations in total that have been advocated for and worked on at key fora – including the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly Youth Forums & Committee meetings; the EU-Cariforum Consultative Commitee; the 4th EU-Africa Youth Summit, amongst others.

By Adélaïde Hirwe and Kelly-Ann Fonderson – Get in touch with Adélaïde via Linkedin  and Kelly- Ann via Linkedin

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