ACP YPN European Elections Social Event

On the 21st of May, ACP YPN celebrated their social event European Elections, the Kick-off! This event included the participation of Karim Hallal Peche that has been in institutions such as Amnesty International, the European Parliament in Brussels and UNICEF, both in the Spanish Committee and in the office in Brussels that leads the relations with the EU institutions. He currently works in the Migration Policy Group, a migration think tank in Brussels.


His passion for politics and communication led him to start a YouTube channel to disseminate in a dynamic and neutral way about the European Union. Regarding the #thistimeimvoting campaign, he was the Spanish most voted at the beginning of the campaign, and the second one in Europe.

Some of the main recommendations that Karim mentioned in order to better communicate politics to young people and include them in the policy-making process included two crucial bullet points:

-Get closer: sharing their language (by using a clear vocabulary and not wordy sentences that makes nothing but confuse the audience, and being on the platforms they use will help you to get closer to them.

-Include them: you have to take them into account, make their voices heard if you want them to listen to you.


After Karim’s speech, an intense debate about the importance of black people representation in the European Parliament and the lack of it took place at the event. The attendees talked about how to involve black youth into politics and what would the consequences be. It’s not an easy process, but it must be reached step by step.

By Ana Gallego – Get in touch with Ana via Linkedin

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