BLACK HISTORY MONTH EU (BHMEU) is a commemorative month dedicated to celebrating the impact of the People of African Descent (PAD) community in the history and the future of the European Union. The idea of expanding this initiative stemmed from the Black History Month held in the United States, United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

As a network that provides a platform for young people to play an active role in policy-making processes nationally, regionally and internationally, we aim to ensure equal opportunity by promoting and facilitating the integration of the perspectives of ACP and EU youth.

We launched last year BHM EU, in 2018, to bring Black History Month to the Brussels Bubble and to the EU institutions with three main objectives:

  1. To encourage exchange and dialogue on mutual experiences in the young PAD community;
  2. To highlight, promote and foster the participation of young PAD in politics, institutions, entrepreneurship and the Information Communication Tech sector;
  3. To inspire a greater network of PAD.

Our main objectives for the BHM-EU 2019 are as follows:

  1. Spread awareness on the UN International Decade for people of African descent 2015-2024 across Europe around its three pillars: recognition, justice and development — and
  2. Advocate for the official launch of the Decade in all member states;
  3. Reach out to prospective BHM-EU partner organizations across Europe;
  4. Promote and highlight the participation of PAD in all fields of public sphere;

We hope to expand BHM-EU across member states for it to become a movement for economic, social, civic and political inclusion.

You can follow the discussion and contribute using the hashtag #ACPYouthTalk, #BHMEU, #BlackHistoryMonthEU

For more information on #BHMEU 2019 and to read how you can get involved, visit the #BHMEU website

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